A team needs some break. Team building is a great and fun way of uniting the members of your teams. Take this chance of knowing your team members better. Based on our experience, team building activities encourage productivity, harmony, and results at work. So, don’t be afraid to invest and take them to wonderful vacation trip.

Life Highlights Game

This activity takes only 30 minutes. It let’s you discover the unknown truths about your team members. This is so much fun when everybody participates and make fun of themselves. No seriousness allowed here. The facilitator has to ask everyone to remember the best moments of their lives. Anything the comes to mind should be fine. They have to remember the best things that they will never ever forget, once done, let everyone read their story. This is a very intimate session that helps everyone feel comfortable with each other.

Two Truths and a Lie

The facilitator has to ask everyone to write down two truths about them and one lie. Collect the pieces of paper and put in a bowl. Divide your members into teams. Each team has to decide whether their team mates are telling the truth about themselves or not. The team who gets the highest answer wins.

Don’t Let The Bucket Spill

It is quite a tough physical activities that will test the strength of your legs and determination to win. Create teams and divide them equally. Each team has to form a circle and lay on the sand while their legs bent 90 degrees angle. Then the teams will have to lift the bucket filled with water through their feet. It requires balance and team work. The team who is able to keep the bucket lifted for the longest time wins.

The Classic Tag of War

This is a very simple game that test teams perseverance and unity to win. You simply just need to get a durable long rope. Instruct teams to wear hand cover or gloves to protect their hands from too much friction that leads wounds and sore hands. It is composed of two teams, left and right. The members have to give all their strength to pull the rope towards them till the opponents drop the rope or slip to their direction.

Good Luck And Have Fun

These are just few of the many activities you can do to unite your team. We recommend that you take them in a spacious place with beautiful view so that everybody could hang out and chill after the activities.