Sometimes you need to go the long way

DIY-projectWhether you’re working with someone or not, taking shortcuts isn’t the best way to deal with the problem, at least not most of the time. And DIY projects can teach you that you can’t learn a technique or finish a project the easy or fast way, because that may mean doing the job the wrong way. It’s always best to do it right, no matter how long it would take. Remember, sometimes with DIY projects, mistakes can’t be covered up.

You can ask for help


Finishing DIY projects is an excellent team building activity. You know why? Because it sends the message that you don’t have to know everything and that you can’t do every single task. You may need extra hands (or legs) for a job to be complete. That’s okay. You may have to ask someone on how to properly use a multimeter. And that, too, is acceptable. You can ask your team for help, and that doesn’t mean you’re weak. It only shows you’re willing to learn. Plus, with others’ presence, you can be more encouraged to finish the task. It’s more fun to do DIY projects with other people because you’ll all feel good in the end.

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You can do it

retro-woman-we-can-do-it-posterHowever, not all projects are meant to be done with a team. Sometimes, you have to live up to the thought of the project and do it yourself. Trust yourself. Have faith that you can accomplish the task. And you won’t only feel fulfilled after finishing it, but you’ll also feel empowered. You’ll be more inspired to take on another project, especially if it’s a bigger one. DIY projects teach team unity, but it also teaches independence. Relying on yourself doesn’t mean you have to be proud and selfish, but it would make you grow as a person by learning to do new stuff on your own and figuring out what you must to against all the odds. Acquiring new skills through the use of different handyman tools is already a win, add that to the fact that you’ve done it on your own is another win. And that win-win situation will increase your confidence and widen your experience.