You can only expect the best when spending your vacation at Pendoric. The beautiful place cheers you up with its over flowing energy from nature. It preps you up for a summer holiday fun! What are you waiting for? Pack you bags and visit us.

Are Pets Allowed?

We understand that pets are very close to our hearts that we rather bring them with us rather than leaving them at home. As long as your pet is well behaved, he or she is welcome at Pendoric. We have a wide out door space where active dogs can run freely. We’re sure that they’ll have fun too.

Can I Still Connect To The Internet?

We are very proud of this. Pendoric House is equipped with Wi-Fi and telephone lines. So go and post your pictures and let your friends see the marvelous views this place has to offer.

Are There Car Parking Provisions?

Yes. The parking area can accomodate three or more cars depending on size. If you are bringing the whole group, we can help you find the a parking for the extra car.

Aside From The Beach What Else I can Do?

If you are not contented with the magnificent Constantine Bay, you can visit Constantine Bay Stores and Des’ surf shop walking distance away from the house. Trevose Golf Course is also nearby. If you are willing to drive a little further you can reach  St Merryn and Padstow to visit more shops and specialty stores.